Art your Way

How many priceless moments are trapped on your camera or phone?

The exuberant expression of a child's discovery of a backyard frog. A spontaneous embrace between siblings captured between the bickering. The first wave they surfed all the way in to shore. A nighttime photo of your sleeping 8 year old reminding you of the baby he once was. The sweet face of an adorable puppy who's looking at you oh so inquisitively. The moments you've captured are endless.

It's time to release these moments into your home where you will see them daily. Don't worry. There are no complicated uploading instructions nor are there limitations to what your captured moment can become.

All you have to do is meet with me and bring in the device containing your photo (iphone, camera, usb, etc.)

It's that simple.

We will go through your images together to select the ones you would like me to transform into works of art and I will get them off of your device for you. From there, we will discuss the style and design of the area where you want to display your photographs, which gives me the necessary inspiration in transforming your snapshot into artwork. Finally, in the gallery you will see examples of every possible finish, frame and mounting available and we will style your piece of art to fit the feel of the photograph and where it will be placed in your home.

Private Sessions

If you would like me to come and document your life, I would be honored. We will visit your family's favorite places where you've made memories and we will make new ones or even recreate old ones. There is no limit on time. I casually spend time with your family in order to capture those candid priceless moments that will become treasured artwork for your family to enjoy forever.

For rates and scheduling, please contact me.