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Lesley Penater.

Photographer. Mother. Artist. Daughter. Cook. Runner. Caregiver. Knitter. Marketer. Reader. Ocean Lover. Friend.

Just as we cannot be defined by our career choices, there is no single word that can describe a person. Never has a single title defined me.

In my heart, at my truest self, I am a mother, daughter and friend. I am inspired to create and write about what I love most. Born and raised on the ocean shores, the sea is a part of me. I hope to create pieces of artwork that show the love and gratitude I have for our oceans and share that love with the world.

In addition to my artwork, I love to write, so I've started a blog. I write about my own life experiences hoping to connect with others who've shared similar life events to help build hope and strength in all of us.


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